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About Us


Surabaya Walking Tour is started by our passion in traveling and culture. We launch Surabaya Walking Tour as a mission to introduce the ultimate Javanese culture and tradition to the world. Tourists visiting Surabaya often find a hard time when it comes to get to know the city in a short period. While some of the visitors follow certain guidelines and having similar experience with other tourists, there are always be another group of people that experience more – to trace in-town kampongs, study local cultures in a greater depth, to probe unusual spots, and experience the uniqueness of Surabaya. That is what inspired us to start Surabaya Walking Tour. We would like to help visitors from all over the world to explore Surabaya like a local and in a creative way. Not only get an insight of local culture and history, participants will also taste delicious foods and have local companions that help you get around Surabaya efficiently while letting you tap into our tradition.

So, welcome to Surabaya and enjoy your trip!

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Why Travel With Us

Private Tour Guide
Our tour guide will focus on a person or a small group and let our guests to mingle with locals in the safest way we could give.

Lead with Passion
Our passion of culture and traveling will give you the best tour guides in town. We always want to provide the best offer for our guest needs.

Innovative Itineraries
Walking and food are ones of the best ways to experience Surabaya. Our innovative itineraries have a strong focus to connect you to locals, Surabaya history and charming culture without losing touch of main attractions.

Support Community
We only use local vendors in all tours. All tours are well researched, give benefits for both tourists and local communities.

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