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Surabaya Local Market Tour


Surabaya Local Market Tour


Local market offers fascinating cultural experiences as well as glimpses into the local way of life. As always, our Surabaya Local Market Tour NOT ONLY offer you “Just A Visit”, but combines of local market tour with cultural and religion landmark to get the highlights of how locals live.

Since Surabaya known as its cultural conglomeration, we would like to introduce you to 3 themes of our local market: Arabic, Javanese, and Chinese. After a short transfer by local ride, we will explore from fresh raw food market, wholesale and souvenir, till secondhand market. You will also interact and learn how to bargain to get the best deals in town. Let’s say, shop like a pro!

Between each stops, we will bring you to take a visit into historical mosque and Buddhist temple while commuting by local ride, becak. At the end of the tour, enjoy our traditional snacks and beverages. Certainly, there is no better way to know Surabaya culture than a local market tour and taste the famous local foodies. If you like outdoor and local markets, you will definitely enjoy a day out at Surabaya local markets.



  • Experience local’s daily life by interact with Surabaya people
  • Master the art to bargain in local market
  • Explore a unique local market
  • Visit a historical cultural landmark for a unique perspective
  • Explore Surabaya’s best charming market famous for local foodies
  • Get bites of Javanese snack and drink
  • Support local communities in unique and entertaining way



Number of Persons 5 4 3 2
Price/Pax USD 18 USD 20 USD 25 USD 29
Total Price USD 90 USD 80 USD 75 USD 58


What's Included

  • A fun becak riding during the tour
  • Local snacks, and drinks
  • An amazing local experience
  • Experienced, friendly, and entertaining private local guide
  • Fun and informative guided walking tour


What's Not Included?
Pick up and drop off service. We will pick up and drop off the guest around Central Surabaya.

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