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Are you looking a private guide with customized tour to fulfill your needs? Then this is the right place.

Surabaya Walking Tour provides you walking tour and private guide service  to accompany during your visit in Surabaya. Imagine a Surabaya city tour designed to meet your needs. A tour where you tell us what you want, what do you want to see, which day you want to start and finish. On Surabaya Walking Tour, the only wishes that matter are your wishes. You are the best person to decide what you want. We will organize it for you.

We provide more services than just a tour - we're happy tp tell you all about Javanese history and folklore and show you where to find the tastiest food and the best local places to visit - all at very reasonable prices. You'll be guided by our fun, friendly, and happy tour guides.

Remember, it’s your holiday. Your job is to relax and enjoy yourself. Let us take care of the details.



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